Helping Life-Enhancing Leaders Get from Where You Are to Your Unique, Ideal Niche - Your Zone of Maximum Well-Being, Effectiveness and Influence.


Hey there! I’m Joe. If you’re like me, you want to reclaim your life and our future. As a life-enhancing leader, you see the deepening ecological-social-economic crisis and want desperately to help shift our world toward a hopeful, livable and inspiring future. You want to enjoy, savor, and celebrate life and make a huge, lasting impact.

Getting to and staying in Your Niche takes inspiration, clarity, creativity, action, persistence, teamwork, support, and motivation. You also need a proven guidance system, one based on cultural and natural wisdom, to help you understand, see and frame your journey from Where You Are to Your Unique, Ideal Niche in a Just, Living Economy.

My Make Shift Happen! Program is designed with all of the above in mind. It integrates training, exercises and coaching to help you:

  • Define Your Path from Where You Are to Your Unique, Ideal Niche
  • Set Yourself Up for Success Everyday
  • Take Consistent, Focused Action to Find & Grow Your Niche
  • Learn, Apply & Share Life’s Success Principles
  • Review, Rejoice, Revise & Repeat to Keep Moving Forward!

What Transformation and Results Can You Expect?

You go from feeling powerless and fearful; frustrated by society’s blindness and apathy towards the deepening ecological-social-economic crisis to

  • Knowing the root cause of most problems today
  • Discovering the solution that’s been hiding in plain sight
  • Applying that solution every day to transform your life, work and personal economy 
  • Supporting the BIG SHIFT – from an unsustainable economy to a Just, Living Economy – through your life, work, investments and contributions.

Are You Ready to Make Shift Happen?

    It’s Time to Face and Frame Today’s Situation

    The situation in today’s world feels like a misguided plane about to crash into a mountaintop. Social, economic and ecological warning signs are blaring all around us, yet those controlling the plane seem clueless about the impending disaster, are monitoring the wrong indicators, and are unable or unwilling to change course. 

    We need to take action – FAST! The dominant model of success, one based on ego, consumerism, debt-based money and endless growth, is failing us on many levels and steering us toward disaster. Deep down we know this ubiquitous, deceptive model is trashing our lives, our Planet and our future. How can we quickly shift the world toward a hopeful, livable and inspiring future?   

    Here’s the solution we’ve been waiting for that’s been hiding in plain sight: We replace the consumer, growth-based model with a new operating system for success – one based on cultural and natural wisdom. The goal of this new, life-based success model is enhancing well-being at all levels, not endless growth and consumption.

    Each of us must redefine success to reclaim our lives and our future. You and I have the power to make choices every day that shape our lives and personal economies, and by extension, the broader economy. Imagine the Make-Shift-Happen power of hundreds, thousands or even millions of like-minded people choosing to shift their lives, work and personal economies to support a Just, Living Economy!

    Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Life and Our Future?

    Each of us has a role in growing a Just, Living Economy. Invest in yourself and our future. Begin your journey to find and grow your niche today!