Frame Your Career or Business for Growth

Coach Joe Define & Align with Your Core Identity

Framing your career or business, like tending to your backyard garden, helps you focus your time, talent and resources to get the results that matter. Like our gardens, our career and businesses need structure to grow in the right direction, balance competing needs, and access resources and constructive relationships we need to thrive.

Defining your core identity is a key step on your path to success. Key elements of your core identity include passions, talents, values, purpose, skills, growth areas, your core offering and your target customer. Think of your core identity a framework to guide your growth.


Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Passions – What Do I Love to Do? What am I Passionate About?
  2. Talents – What Do I Enjoy Doing and Naturally Do Better Than Most People?
  3. Purpose – Why am I Here? What Am I Meant to Do with My Life?
  4. Who is My Customer? Who Do I Wish to Serve?
  5. Core Offering – What Products/Services Can I Provide to My Customers That Meet Their Needs, Tap My Talents, Passions and Purpose and Turn a Healthy Profit?
  6. Values – What is Most Important to Me? How do I Maintain Work/Life Balance?
  7. Skills – What Learned Abilities Support My Success?
  8. Weaknesses (Growth Areas) – What Important, Necessary Skill Areas Do I Struggle With That I Need to Strengthen or Delegate to Succeed?
  9. Vision – Do I Have a Picture of What Success Would Be for Me?

Take the time to answer these questions to help frame your career or business. Some will come to you almost immediately. Others, like finding your purpose, will likely require more time and effort and may require getting advice or feedback from trusted friends or colleagues. Please contact me if you need help in answering these questions or taking follow-up steps on your path to success.