Trello – A Great Tool to Focus & Sync Your Life & Work

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Living a full, rich and rewarding life often demands juggling multiple competing interests, including your family, your work or business, staying in touch with friends and colleagues, and volunteering for worthy causes. Staying focused and syncing your life and work is an even greater challenge in today’s distraction–filled world.   How can you stay focused on what really matters and sync the many facets of your life and work?

One of the best tools that I’ve found is Trello, which is available as a free app through google. I invite you to take a tour here to get a feel for what it can do.

Trello provides a virtual, almost unlimited, secure web space to plan and organize your life and work with boards, lists, and cards. Generally, think of boards as projects, lists as categories of actions or ideas, and cards as specific goals or tasks to be completed. Trello is particularly powerful when it is integrated with proven success principles and habits.

For instance, I have a single board that focuses on how I will Make Shift Happen with my life and work. This life leadership board serves as my personalized Home Page for achieving success. It includes the following lists (or columns) from left to right:

Most Important – At the top of this list is an overview/vision card that includes a my niche map, a a simple success dashboard, and a MSH process map to keep me focused on my journey.   Following this card are several color-coded cards, each devoted to my focus areas: financial, career & business, fun time!, well-being, personal growth and contributions. These focus area cards serve as daily reference or legend to keep my life and work well balanced.

Today – This list includes the most important task cards at the top followed by other important or time sensitive task cards. These are generally placed on this list the day before so I hit the ground running know that these will move me toward fulfilling my purpose, dreams and goals.

This Week – Task cards on list are the things I want to accomplish during the upcoming week. This list is created on Saturday morning before the week over breakfast and coffee with my wife. This discussion often includes longer-term goals like vacations or home projects that may require longer time interval or financial considerations. Task cards in this list are either moved to Waiting On or Today, depending on their importance or urgency.

Waiting On – This list includes actions that may be on hold because there’s not enough information to move forward or I am waiting for the follow-up or response or actions of other people.

Incoming – This area is where ideas or tasks are quickly entered often while brainstorming. I often use the digital voice recognition feature of my iPhone or iPad to quickly enter these items and then edit them as needed. Once added, I later place them either on an appropriate Board/List (e.g., Home Projects/Basement) for future action or, if important enough, to the This Week or Today list.

Later – items on the Incoming list that are important but not urgent often get placed here and are later filed and prioritized in the appropriate Board. They may also be moved to the This Week in Saturday morning planning session if they are important and urgent.

Done – As I complete different tasks, I move them to this list to get a sense of my progress. Later, I file them in the Done list for the appropriate Board (e.g. Personal Growth).

The above is just a glimpse of how Trello might help you focus and sync your life and work    Check out Trello today and let me know it works for you.  My Make Shift Happen! workshop delves more deeply into using Trello and other tools to help you find your niche and help grow a just, living economy.

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