Passions Point To Your Purpose

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Deeply exploring your passions often sheds light on a much tougher quest- finding your purpose in life. Identifying and examining your passions is a key step to defining your niche. When we pursue our passions we feel aligned with who we are — our true selves. We are authentic and genuine in every aspect of our life and work.


When you are passionate about something, it draws you in like a bug to a light. When you have “free time,” what do you love to do? What topics or activities completely adsorb your attention? What makes you perk up when someone mentions it or when you see a book, article or video? Examples might include writing, music, sports, cooking, sea glass hunting, exercise, history, culture, the environment, social justice, travel or interacting with people.


Answer these two questions:


What Do I Love to Do?


What am I Passionate About?


In considering your passions, please try to answer the following questions:


  • How do you feel when you are pursuing your passions? Why?
  • Do you sometimes loose track of time? Do you reach deeper levels of focus and attention than other more mundane activities?
  • Is there a common thread among your passions that points toward a life or career path shift that would be fulfilling?
  • Could you pursue your passionate interests and make a living? Could you make extra money, and by doing so, help you justify more time spent on these pursuits?


Discuss your answers with a close friend or colleague and see if their perception of your passions matches with yours. Contact me if you feel stuck, need clarification or need help tying your passions to your current or ideal work or career path.

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