Find Your Niche to Give You and Your Business a Natural Edge

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We can gain invaluable insights into individual and organizational success by closely observing how and why organisms develop their niches. These insights are particularly useful for helping people and organizations create value for themselves and their stakeholders while adapting skillfully to changes in society and the marketplace. In short, finding and securing your niche can give you and your business a natural edge.


Niche is how an organism makes its living within its environment.   Organisms elegantly position themselves to sustain themselves while contributing significantly to the broader, living economy. Niche is the vital, special role each living being plays in life’s unfolding story. This role is often dynamic—an organism shifts its success strategies to adapt to changes in its environment.


Organisms develop their niche by using their unique strengths, roles and relationships to optimize value for countless stakeholders. A tree, for example, sustains itself, grows, and produces offspring. It also provides food, shelter, wood, nutrient recycling, soil conservation, and shade. From an ecological perspective, board feet of lumber is only one dimension of the value created by a tree. Its success is measured by a broader scorecard that recognizes the breadth of value created and the duration and magnitude of its influence.


In a similar vein, people are more than their paychecks, titles, celebrity status, and material possessions. Likewise, organizations are more than profits, shareholder value, and market growth. Ultimately, success comes down to this—is the world better off from the existence of an individual or organization? To what extent did that individual or organization create value for themselves while contributing to the general well-being of life today and posterity?

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