Merge Art, Science and Fun to Catalyze Positive Change

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The environmental movement needs a serious reboot. One aspect of this reboot is to connect more effectively with everyday people. Science while essential to both understanding and solving environmental and social problems is very limited in its capacity to reach and motivate the masses to take action.


This was a key topic of a recent professional development workshop I just attended. A number of the presenters and change agents emphasized that people can be moved to change their behavior by connecting to their deepest emotions, not by merely spouting scientific facts and making rational arguments.   But how do you connect with people at a deeper, gut level or motivate them by reaching their hearts as well as their minds?


Merging art, science and fun can help us connect, inspire and move people to action. Art in the forms of multi-media communication, storytelling, games and folklore can help us connect to our customers’ deepest feelings of wonder, caring, justice, love and hope to make commitments to take action. When framed by solid science and technological know-how, the results can be extraordinary and deeply motivating. Here’s a great video Man vs. Earth created by Prince Ea that shows the power of merging art, science and fun to reach and move people to take a specific action – protect and restore the world’s forests.


Contact me today if this is a missing piece in your own success story. Merging art, science and fun can help you and your organization to nurture creativity, innovation and positive change. I can help you frame and tell your story and suggest people, tools and resources to help you succeed.

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