Well-Being – The Heart of Life-Enhancing Enterprise (Part 1)

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From start to finish, life-enhancing enterprise is all about well-being. At the beginning of your journey toward your niche, it’s essential to take stock in your own well-being to ensure you have the fortitude, commitment, support and capacity to reach your potential. An important step is to evaluate yourself in terms of your overall well-being. The dimensions of well-being include:

Physical – What is your fitness level and overall health situation? Do you have healthy eating habits and balanced diet? Do you exercise regularly and include aerobic, strengthening and flexibility in your routines?

Financial – Do you manage money or does it manage you?  What’s your net worth? Do save and invest regularly? Do you have a healthy relationship with money? Are you aware of in flows and outflows of money?

Emotional –How do feel about yourself? How well do you manage and express your feelings?

Spiritual – Do you have a strong sense of community? Are you grateful? Do you practice meditation and mindfulness on a daily basis

Work – Do you have purpose and meaning in your work life? Are you appreciated for the value you create?

Environmental –How does your home or work environment look like or feel? Do you get outside or experience nature? Is your home or work environment healthy?

Fun – Do you make time to play and have fun on a regular basis? Are you playful and spontaneous?

Creative – Does your life and work situation allow you to express innate creative abilities such as art, writing, and problem solving?

Social – Do you have friends who you trust and share with? Do you surround yourself with healthy, positive people?  Are you a good networker or do you prefer staying to yourself or one-on-one interactions?  Do you stay connected with others?

Mental Do you regularly challenge your mind with challenges and new ideas. Do you commit to daily practices that keep you sharp and alert?  Are you hunger to learn new things and skills? How about your ability to stay focused and committed?

Your niche is your zone of maximum well-being, effectiveness and influence.  Evaluating yourself for each of the above aspects of well-being can give you insights into your current  situation, clarify your genuine aspirations and vision, and help you identify what you need to do to get from here to your ideal niche.    Contact me today if you’d like help assessing your well-being as a key step to finding and developing your niche.

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