Well-Being – The Heart of Life-Enhancing Enterprise (Part 2)

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When you consider your niche career or business, ask yourself: How do (or will) I contribute to the well-being of others? First consider who you wish to serve – your target customer. Consider the 10 dimensions of well-being discussed in my last blog and shown above.

What areas of well-being do (or will) you enhance for your customer? Consider how your natural talents, interests, values, experience and other unique aspects of your core identity shape how you create value for your customers. The more areas you improve for your customer (both directly and indirectly), the more value you create for them and the more they will value you and your work. This translates into potentially higher fees, repeat customers, and getting your customers to do your marketing for you.

Let’s say you conduct workshops to help aspiring ecopreneurs manage the financial well-being of their business or career. Do you make your workshops fun and interactive? How might your workshop help the emotional and mental well-being of your customer?

Clearly it may be difficult to assist directly with most of the aspects of their well-being. However, if well designed and marketed, your work may often ripple out to enhance other well-being areas indirectly. Helping your clients manage their financial well-being may give them the time to spend with their family and friends, exercise, build new business contacts, enjoy hobbies, meditate or give back to their community.

Understanding how your work or business improves your customer’s well-being directly and indirectly can help you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations and go a long way in marketing the value you bring to the world. Contact me today if you’d like to explore how you can expand well-being for your customers.

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