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In an earlier post, I discussed the importance of framing your career or business by defining you core identity. Once you’ve got a clear or even fuzzy picture of your core identity, an important next step is look outwardly to better define your core customers and their needs. This assessment includes:

• Who do I wish to serve?
• What are their needs?
• What products or services might meet those needs?

For example, my core customers are eco-smart entrepreneurs and change agents. Why do I focus on this target market? First, I naturally identify with them. Because I have walked in their shoes, I get their needs, struggles and aspirations. We see the traditional debt-growth-consumption economy as the root cause of today’s social, economic and environmental problems. Genuine, long -lasting solutions must make economic and ecological sense.

Here’s a second reason.  Life-enhancing enterprise is the best way to quickly develop and deliver eco-smart solutions. Green social entrepreneurs creating new products and services and change agents working within existing organizations and industries are best positioned to accelerate the shift toward a just, living economy. By helping these aspiring life-enhancing leaders, I leverage my time, talents, and strengths, align with my passions and purpose, and maximize their (& my) well-being, effectiveness and influence.

Finally, what do eco-smart entrepreneurs and change agents need? They need:

• To focus their time, talent and resources in ways that ensure their success
• Inspiration and support to get through hard work, doubt and difficult times
• Connections to support their core value creation and business ecosystem
• Work and life balance
• To communicate comprehensively the value they bring to the world.

I you need help identifying your core customer and defining their needs, contact me today!

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