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Once you have identified your target customer and generally defined their needs, you need to define your core offering. That is, how you will your products, services and roles meet one or more of your customers’ needs by tapping your unique background, expertise and passions. Key questions include:

  • What need(s) am I uniquely qualified to meet?
  • How can I target my talents, time, passions and resources to meet their needs?
  • How will I frame and deliver my core offering via a products, services and roles?
  • Will they value (pay for) what I offer?

Answers to the above questions will help you define your core value creation process.

My target customers are eco-smart entrepreneurs and change agents. Keeping focused, maintaining work life balance and conveying the full value they bring to the world are some key needs of my customers.

My core offering is Make Shift Happen! program, an integrated training and coaching system designed to help my customers develop the inner and outer awareness to get from where they are to their ideal niche—their zone of maximum well-being, effectiveness and influence. I help them apply the Business Ecology Success Model using online and in-person events, tools and resources to set goals and make habit shifts to manifest their fullest potential, maintain work-life balance and target their time, talents and passions to serve customers they were born to serve.

Discovering and creating my core offering grew organically from my own exploration of my core identity and take my uniqueness to meet tangible unmet needs in the world. For instance, my talents are listed below:

  • Vision/Environment Futurist – Able to See World As It Is, Discern Key Trends and Imagine How It Might Be (especially the shift from unsustainable, life-depleting economy to a just, living economy)
  • Systems Thinker & Integrator – Able to See Key Connections, View Issues from Varied Perspectives, and Use Analytical and Synthesis Skills to Develop Solutions
  • Creative, Trans-Disciplinary Thinker & Doer – Demonstrated Ability to Bridge Many Disciplines and Translate Insights Into Practical, Viable Business Opportunities
  • Avid Learner and Communicator –Researcher, Writer, Speaker, Trainer/Coach, Web Author
  • Strong People Skills– Able to Visualize, Connect, Empathize, Motivate and Inspire.

Ultimately, I developed the Make Shift Happen! program for others based on my own quest for my niche, continued research and ongoing conversations with other eco-smart entrepreneurs and change agents.

If you need help developing your core offering contact me today.

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