Is Organization the Missing Link to Your Success?

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Organization is our society’s foundation and the underpinnings from which all else emanates.  In fact, order is so basic to our way of life that we can often take it for granted.  Just as countries in chaos strive to restore order so as to build their nations, individuals must instill order and organization in their lives to thrive and prosper.

-Pam N. Wood, a featured co-author in best-selling Create the Business Breakthrough You Want:  Secrets and Strategies from the World’s Greatest Mentors

Recently I had an epiphany regarding the connection between organization and focus.

For some time, I’ve recognized that focus was an important growth area for me to realize my niche- that zone of maximum well-being, effectiveness and influence.  Having a sustained, laser-like focus–was the one aspect of success I tended to struggle with.  Why?  Because I am a very creative person with a ton of good ideas and a strong vision of a just, living economy, I see opportunities all around me.  Without focus, I have tendency to float from one opportunity to another and then back again.  Further, the competing demands of life can often disrupt the wonderful clarity of purpose that we occasionally feel but rarely manifest on a regular basis.

Keeping your life and your important living and working spaces organized and uncluttered frees you up to maintain the focus you desire.  This includes managing your time to make room for the most important things that can easily slip by because of the busy distraction-laden world we live in.  It also means having a healthy relationship with digital devices and software applications to ensure that they enhance your life and support your pursuit success, rather than cause distractions and clutter (like email) or keep you unfocused.

Ironically, the flip side of every challenge can be an opportunity.  I realized that tools, resources and lessons discovered on my path toward greater focus through organization can be a valuable service dimension for my core customer – eco-smart entrepreneurs and change agents.   Like me, they often struggle with focus and might benefit from someone who has successfully met this challenge.

In seeking and developing your niche, consider these questions:

  • Would finding your niche bring you the clarity of purpose and completeness you seek?
  • How might greater focus through organization help keep you on track to find and develop your niche?
  • Are their skills or insights that you’ve acquired on your journey that might translate into services or products for your ideal customer?
  • What habit shifts can help you get and stay organized and focused?

Contact me today if you’d like help exploring these questions.

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