Habit Shifts to Get and Stay Organized

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In my last post, I discussed how organization is vital to maintaining focus in your life and work.  With this goal in mind, what are the key habits shifts to help you get and stay organized and focused?

Here are some simple, but proven organization-building habits that can yield significant benefits to your life and work:

  1. Everything has a place, put everything in its place.  Think carefully about your life/work patterns and find a place for everything that has value or significance so that you can access things when and where you need them.   Sell, give away or dispose of items that don’t add value to your life or work.  Get in the habit of putting things back in their place every day.
  2. Try to handle everything just once.  This is particular true of things like mail, especially bills.  Don’t let useless marketing material bury potentially important documents.
  3. Make the time to regularly put things where they belong and develop an organization system.  This includes both physical and digital spaces.  Regular filing ensures that documents are where they need to be and easily accessible when needed.  Regular purging or editing of your system can rid you of redundant or unnecessary clutter.
  4. Target specific areas like your desk or laptop computer, tables or bathroom and kitchen countertops.  Keep work and living areas free of piles.  Uncluttered areas provide the added benefit of reducing unnecessary stress.
  5. Be aware of transition times and spaces.  The beginning and end of each day are good times to organize your thoughts, plan ahead and take stock of progress or obstacles.  Get in the habit of regularly putting things back at this transition times when a task or project is completed.
  6. Have a system for organizing aspects of your life.   Your organizational system should include major aspects of your life such as financial wealthy.  I like to use Trello to keep track of assignments, tasks or commitments and goals important to me.
  7. Mange your time – the currency of life.  Develop daily, weekly and longer interval rituals to make sure what’s important to you gets done.  Saying “no” to things that are really not important to you is more important than you think.

What thoughts, ideas or struggles do you have?  Contact me today if you’d like to share or need help in getting and staying organized.

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