Hi, I'm Joe. Success Architect, Trainer, & Coach for Life-Enhancing Leaders

A long-term native of the Chesapeake Bay region, I am a regular Joe with a big, bold vision and a strategy to make it happen:

We can adapt and thrive in harmony with the Earth, each other, and all life. But how do we make this BIG SHIFT happen? Each of us must redefine success to reclaim our lives and our future. This means replacing the growth, consumer-based model with one based on natural and cultural wisdom. This new, life-based model of success focuses on enhancing well-being at levels and  serves as our guidance system for our lives, work, investments, and contributions.  Imagine the Make-Shift-Happen power of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people choosing to shift their lives, work, and personal economies to support a Just, Living Economy!

The Big Question for Each of Us is -
What is My Role in Making this BIG SHIFT Happen?

It’s my business to help life-enhancing leaders like you get from Where You Are to Your Unique, Ideal Niche — Your Zone of Maximum Well-being, Effectiveness, and Influence. 

Drawing from my own journey, hard-earned wisdom, and investments in myself, my goal is to create a fun, nurturing community to help you:

  • Answer vital, clarifying questions to see and frame your journey
  • Learn, apply, and share life’s success principles
  • Redefine success in your life, work and personal economy through habit and ritual shifts
  • See, value, and grow your business ecosystem to nurture and amplify your core offering 
  • Use a new language for success to track progress, see what’s working, and shift strategy when needed.
  • Interact with like-minded accomplished professionals
  • Live, work, invest, and contribute to drive the shift to a Just, Living Economy.

I can help you get these results through training webinars, one-on-one coaching, exercises, and more, but it’s essential  that you really commit to finding and growing Your Unique, Ideal Niche and take consistent, focused action everyday!

    Below are highlights about me, my unique gifts, and my journey that support my work today: 

    Systems Thinker, Synthesizer, & Connector

    My niche is the culmination of all of my previous life experiences packaged into life-enhancing offerings I am uniquely able to fulfill by targeting my unique superpower – VISION

    I have an unusual knack to see connections, see the world as it is, and imagine how it might be.  I am a systems thinker who can visualize across great expanses of space and time to discern patterns, possibilities and solutions.  I can often see the edges of people’s paradigms, their perspective of how the world works. I have the ability to see large, complex systems, identify and anticipate core systemic problems, view those problems from multiple perspectives to see connections, patterns, trends and possibilities to gain insights, and use those insights to frame and grow life-enhancing solutions and leaders. 

    The root of most problems today is this:  Society is using a deceptive, flawed success model based on ego, consumerism, debt, and endless growth. This model falsely projects the dogged pursuit of power, material wealth, and fame as the means to achieve happiness, freedom, joy, and love. In fact, the technology-amplified consumer lifestyle often leads us away from these and other desirable, worthwhile goals. Further, the take-make-and throw-away system that supports this model is trashing our lives, our Planet and our future. We need a new model of success that focuses on enhancing well-being at all levels – a model that taps cultural and natural wisdom to help us live, work, and thrive in harmony with each other and the web of life.

    I developed the Business Ecology Success Model precisely to meet this challenge. It provides both a  lens and a framework for guiding you from Where You Are to Your Ideal Niche in a Just, Living Economy. This Model is based on principles, research, and insights from my first book Business Ecology, plus decades of experience, valuable feedback  from friends and colleagues, and hard-earned lessons learned since the book was first published in 1998.

    Author and Thought Leader for Sustainable, Life-Enhancing Business

    Business Ecology:

    • Provides both a lens and framework for growing sustainable, life-enhancing enterprise.  
    • Synthesizes centuries of cultural wisdom, a close observation of natural systems, and proven business strategies, such as strategic planning and total quality management.  
    • Emulates nature’s systems design to provide a harmonious, relationship-oriented approach that reveals how your organization really works.  
    • Applies these principles to help you integrate profitability, stakeholder relations, and environmental performance to give your organization a natural edge in an emerging living economy.

    Environmental Futurist

    From 1989 to 1995, I was a chief architect of what became the U.S. EPA’s Futures Staff, an entrepreneurial group charged with developing the agency’s ability to anticipate environmental problems.  I developed the blueprint for our group’s work.  This included looking at early warning indicators (population, behavioral changes), sectoral analysis (e.g., energy, agriculture, manufacturing), and emerging issues (e.g., climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, habitat destruction).  Our small group was a natural complement to the already established Pollution Prevention Division, which developed partnerships with industry in different economic sectors such as energy and transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing. The adjoining  photo shows  long-time friend and collaborator Dave Bassett and me at a White House Conference on sustainable technologies.

    We developed numerous partnerships with groups like the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, Royal Dutch Shell, the Center of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology, Batelle, World Resources Institute, Global Business Network, Rocky Mountain Institute, The Futures Group, and the Institute for Alternative Futures to support our foresight work including numerous reports, scenario planning, Delphi (expert panels), a Futures speakers program and other tools to help EPA better anticipate and prevent environmental problems.

    Our work culminated in briefing EPA’s Science Advisory Board on several occasions which led to a report – Beyond the Horizon:  Using Foresight to Protect the Environmental Future (1995).


    Heart-Centered Serial Ecopreneur

    As a heart-centered ecopreneur, you need to have both inner and outer awareness to succeed. Timing, focus, and persistence are also vital.  Knowing your customers’ needs and demonstrating clearly how you meet their needs are especially crucial to your success.

    In the summer of 1995, I left the federal government to write Business Ecology:  Giving Your Organization the Natural Edge and founded a nonprofit based on its principles. It started with a paper I wrote:  “Business Ecology:  Bringing New Life to the Marketplace.”  When I tried to get this paper published it was rejected. I was told it contained too much information, but it would likely be the basis for a new book. Later and after much work and collaboration, the book was published in 1998.

    The Business Ecology Network received 501(c)(3) status in February 1997 and hosted or participated in several Business Ecology Roundtables.™ At that time, BEN did not succeed as expected for a few important reasons:

    1. The business model was way ahead of its time and not fully developed,
    2. The founder, while passionate about its mission, did not have had sufficient skills and an established professional network to draw upon,
    3. The State of Maryland  and the world was less receptive to green or sustainable business opportunities, and
    4. What I was offering was not focused sufficiently on meeting needs of customers I was born to serve.

    The above certainly do not apply today. I’m ready to help heart-centered ecopreneurs like you get from Where You Are to Your Niche in a Just, Living Economy through my Make Shift Happen™ program.

    Persistent, Resilient, Get Things Done,
    Multi-Talented Professional

    With over forty‐five years of professional experience, my work bridges the worlds of environment, energy, technology, and economic development. My roles have included State coast policy coordinator, environmental scientist/futurist, strategic planning consultant, published writer, workshop leader, nonprofit entrepreneur, professional coach, consulting hydrogeologist, and community association president/board director.

    Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach

    Alumnus of Marie Forleo’s B-School and Time Genius Programs