The BIG SHIFT – From an Unsustainable Economy to a Just, Living Economy

Shifting Values, Perspectives and Behavior

Less of This…More of This
Society’s Goal is Unlimited Economic GrowthSociety’s Goal is Enhancing Well-Being
Profit and Growth are Desired and Accepted End PointsProfit and Growth are a Means to Achieve Society’s Higher Aspirations
Economy is Destructive and Out of Sync with Life and Cultural Support SystemsEconomy is Supportive and In Sync with Life and Cultural Support Systems
Fossil Energy BasedRenewable Energy Based
Maximize Shareholder Value to Privatize Gain and Socialize Costs at the Expense of People, the Planet and Our FutureOptimize Stakeholder Value, Engagement and Equity to Support a Just, Living Economy, Vibrant Communities and Thriving Ecosystems Now and in the Future
Linear, Industrial Economy – Earth as Endless Resource and Waste Dump to Serve the Take-Make-Consume and Discard Consumer CultureCyclical, Living Economy – Closed-Loop Resource Flows to Support the Well-Being of All Life
Money as Private Master Without Conscience – Used to Control and Divide Society, Support Scarcity Thinking and Exploit Genuine Value of People, Resources and Living SystemsMoney as Public Servant and Force for Good – Convenient, Useful Means to Exchange Life-Enhancing Services, Products and Life-Sustaining Flows (e.g, Energy, Water, Information, Food) to Serve Individual and Collective Well-Being
Mechanistic Organizations Driven By Reductionist ThinkingLiving Organizations Using Systems Thinking, Learning and Intuition
Compartmentalized, Autocratic Decision-makingSystemic, Collaborative Decision-Making
Competition DrivenBalance of Competition, Cooperation and Collaboration
Reactive, Closed CultureAnticipatory, Open Culture
Repeat Past Mistakes, Myopic, Reactive and Fear Change/FutureLearn from Past, Live in Present and Anticipate and Create a Hopeful Future
Rigid, Fragile Systems and InfrastructureFlexible, Adaptive and Robust Systems and Infrastructure
Fearful, Greedy, Materialistic, Selfish and Violent CultureLoving, Generous, Spiritual, Sharing and Peaceful Culture

Each of the Above Rows Are Examples of Key Shifts Comprising the BIG SHIFT. Do You See a Potential Fit or Opportunity for You?