Business Ecology Strategically Targeted (B.E.S.T.)

You want to bring YOUR B.E.S.T to serve people and organizations YOU WERE BORN TO SERVE to drive the shift to a just, living economy.   Once you’ve found your Niche — your economic-ecological sweet spot — you want to own it, connect with people and organizations that support your core value creation and business ecosystem and communicate fully and authentically the value you bring to the world. provides a fun, exciting and valuable growth environment to nurture all of the above through online training/coaching workshops, information products and more.

B.E.S.T. stands for Business Ecology Strategically Targeted to:

  • Consistently delight customers your were born to serve, 
  • Tap your core genius and business ecosystem to generate genuine, sustainable value, and
  • Drive the shift to a just, living economy by modeling life-enhancing leadership and enterprise.