Deep Down We Know Something Is Seriously Wrong with Our World

We’re headed for a catastrophic collapse of  our social, economic and ecological systems, yet most of us  remain mesmerized, distracted consumers, oblivious to our self-destructive path.  

We’re constantly barraged by consumerism, fluff entertainment, bad news, disinformation and violence.  We often live overbooked, distracted, unhealthy and unfulfilled lives.  We’re more technologically connected, yet socially isolated and divided and spiritually starved.  We’re overloaded with stuff, debt, information, technology, and stress. 

While an elite few  have obscene wealth, power and privilege, growing numbers of our neighbors face bleak, insecure, and uncertain economic futures.  Many today live in squalid conditions, poverty, hunger, disease, violence and fear.   

Ironically, many who have reached the pinnacle of power, wealth and fame often struggle with basic human aspirations such as happiness, joy, love, purpose, and freedom.  They ask:  Is this all there is?  Why did I kill myself to get here and ruin others along the path?  What happened to the simple pleasures of life I knew as a child – like awe, wonder or the joy of play and learning?

Now let’s shift  beyond our human-centric lens…  The Earth is well into its  6th Great Extinction.  We are the dominant cause of this ecological crisis. Yet, most people remain dangerously unaware of this cascading disaster.  Further, we don’t  fully understand how it will impact us  and the many ways we contribute to and accelerate this global ecocide.  Climate change, ocean acidification, forever chemicals, deforestation, plastic pollution, eutrophication, overfishing, and ecosystem collapse are symptoms of a deeper, core problem:

Our current way of life is both self-destructive and life-depleting.  The consumer, growth-based model of success shapes our values, perspective and behavior at all levels of society.  Now amplified by technology to extend its reach and influence, this deceptive, life-depleting model reflects, exacerbates and even exploits long-held, dysfunctional relationships with ourselves, each other and our Planet. 

Mesmerized and distracted by the consumer, growth-based model of success, we have forgotten some basic cultural and natural wisdom:  

We are not apart from Life. Rather, we are a part of Life.

There is no Us versus Them.  There is only Us.

Fear, Scarcity, Greed and Getting More Do Not Define Us.  Love, Abundance, Gratefulness, and Giving Define Our True Nature.

Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Peace and Genuine Power are not Externally Derived. They Come from Within.

Finally, there’s the cold, hard fact that the Earth’s resources are finite, yet we pretend they are infinite.  We are dangerously addicted to oil, but  the easiest, most accessible deposits have already been found and exploited.  We have also poorly managed and exploited our water, soil, mineral, living, and cultural resources – all crucial elements to creating a just, livable and inspiring future.

What on Earth is going on here?  How did we get ourselves into this social-economic-ecological crisis?  How do we get from our current crisis to a Just, Living Economy?

And most important, the BIG QUESTION for each of us is:

What is My Role in Making the BIG SHIFT Happen?

Each of us has a role in growing a Just, Living Economy.  Invest in yourself and our future.  Begin your journey to find and grow your niche today!