Life-enhancing leaders are purpose-and-values-driven people who are committed to enhancing well-being at all levels, especially in their life, work and personal economy.

Life-enchancing leaders are system thinkers.  They know the problems we face today are systemic.  Today’s ecological-social and economic crisis cannot be solved with the fragmented, reactive approach that focuses on alleviating symptoms, but not root causes.  Rather, we need to apply systemic, preventative and forward-looking solutions focused on solving root causes.

We are the co-creators and pilots driving the BIG SHIFT – from an unsustainable economy to a Just, Living Economy.  We seek to create sustainable, life-enhancing solutions that delight and amaze our ideal customers.  We are authentic, compassionate, creative, and giving.  Profit and making a difference are coequal.  We walk the talk, but recognize we are all works in progress.  

Your Niche is your zone of maximum well-being, effectiveness and influence.  It’s that sweet spot where your passions, purpose, and brilliance are nurtured and magnified by your business ecosystem to create sustainable, life-enhancing solutions that delight and amaze your ideal customers. 

You’re alive with purpose, passion and creativity–tapping and targeting your Superpowers and supporting business ecosystems to create abundant value for customers you were born to serve.  You give freely of yourself to delight and amaze your customers.  In return for our heart-felt, inspired service, you receive value back manyfold and share your success with stakeholders comprising your business ecosystem.   You model life-enhancing leadership and restorative enterprise through your life, work, investments and contributions to drive the shift to a Just, Living Economy

Your Business Ecosystem is the dynamic, living system of stakeholders – individuals and organizations who comprise your value creation system and the entities who impact and are impacted by your work or business.  This includes you, your customers, your employees, suppliers of services and products, competitors, investors,  government agencies, business networks and industry trade associations,  your community, fellow living beings and our Planet.

Your personal economy comprises things in life that really matter to you and me.   Our home, our community, those we love, our dreams and adventures and the activities that bring fun, joy, meaning and purpose.  It is also our collective sphere of influence, including our economic, social and ecological impacts, both positive and negative, that are caused by our decisions, actions and activities.

It is your personal ecosystem, including vital flows and resources that sustain, enrich and inspire us.  It includes the system of stakeholders that comprise your life, work and existence.  It includes life-sustaining and life-enhancing flows that result in your collective economic, social and ecological impacts.