A New, Life-Based Model of Success

Core Philosophy & Belief Shift:  We can adapt and thrive in harmony with the Earth, each other and all life.  A shift to a Just, Living Economy requires that we learn, apply and share a new, life-based model of success that fuses natural and cultural wisdom to help us see individuals and organizations as we really are – living enterprises with a great capacity to enhance well-being at all levels.  We achieve genuine, enduring success when our lives, work, investments and contributions are aligned with our core identities and our true, creative nature as living, interdependent beings.

Each of  us can put this Core Philosophy & Belief Shift is put into practice by adopting these transformational principles as Shift Habits:

Whether consciously or not, all of us use an internal operating system for success to guide us through life.  Every day we use this system to make choices and decisions that affect us and the world we live in.  Much like software on a computer or smart phone, our model of success is programmed into us to shape how we view reality and how we behave and interact with each other.

A key transformational step is recognizing that we have the power to choose what success model we use to navigate our way in this world, including what indicators we decide to measure and track.  A more meaningful, comprehensive success dashboard includes: 

  • Well-being (e.g., spiritual, economic/financial, physical, emotional, social, mental, and environmental);
  • Your ability to tap, feed and align with your core identity;
  • How well you’ve defined and developed your niche and business ecosystem;
  • Your ability to merge art, science and fun to nurture creativity and innovation;
  • Your ability to learn, apply and share life’s success principles;
  • Your ability to connect with and build community; and
  • Adaptability and resilience, especially your ability to shift beliefs, attitudes, rituals and habits to make the above principles integral to your life, business and personal economy.

Well-being is the foundation of your dreams, aspirations and goals and a key lens for evaluating decisions, activities and actions.  If you’re struggling with aspects of your well-being, it makes achieving other improvements to your life, business and personal economy more difficult or, in some cases, nearly impossible.  It’s also harder to help others when some aspects of your well-being are neglected.  Make enhancing your well-being integral to your daily rituals and habits. 

Dimensions of Well-Being include: 

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Economic/Financial
  • Environmental
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Work
  • Social
  • Creative and
  • Play/Fun. 

Neglecting any of these areas often affects other areas and restricts your ability to live life to its fullest.  It also diminishes your effectiveness and influence to be the change you wish to be.  Use a checklist or other tools to ensure that you tend to all dimensions of well-being.   Ask:  How will a decision, activity or action affect my well-being or that of others?  What will I do today to improve my well-being and that of others, especially aspects I tend to neglect?

Each of us comes into the world with a unique core identity – a soul with a purpose, innate talents and an abundant capacity to love, learn, create and help others. We flourish when we serve others by using our unique innate gifts. When we use our core identity as our inner guidance system, we live powerfully  in the present, connect with life and universal consciousness, feel joy, gratitude and love and bring our best to make the world a better place.  We’re also able to overcome grief, suffering, and the setbacks that we all face in life, especially in challenging, turbulent times.

But in today’s consumer, growth-based culture,  we’ve been conditioned to forget our divine, inner wisdom.  Instead, navigate our lives based on a false sense of self – our ego.  From this orientation in life, we are never enough and we can never have enough.  Scarcity, selfishness, fear, control, and “I win, you lose” are common beliefs of an ego-dominated culture. These and other powerful external beliefs  distort your perspective, behavior and values – defining what is important, how you live, how you make decisions and interact with others and our world. 

Breaking free of the self-destructive forces of a consumer, growth-based culture happens when we consistently define and align with your soul/genius – the inner being that existed before we were born.  This shift from false self (ego) to our soul/genius is vital to transforming our world toward a Just, Living Economy. 

Through the practices of meditation, gratitude, and prayer, you see your connection with all life and tap your inner creative power reach your fullest potential and realize joy, love, happiness and freedom by living in the present.  By tapping, feeding and aligning your soul/genius, you consistently choose life-enhancing habits over ones that are life-depleting to reshape your life, work and personal economy.   

Your Niche is your zone of maximum well-being, effectiveness and influence.  It’s that sweet spot where your passions, purpose, and genius are nurtured and magnified by your business ecosystem to create sustainable, life-enhancing solutions that delight and amaze your ideal customers.

Getting to and staying in Your Niche takes inspiration, creativity, clarity, action, persistence, teamwork, and motivation. Once you’ve found Your Niche,  you’re inspired, creative and highly productive —  targeting your time, talents and resources to  live, work, invest and contribute to a Just, Living Economy.  In this zone of fulfillment, abundance and gratitude, you joyously help others find and grow their Niches.

Be aware of who and what sustains, enriches and inspires you and your organizations, especially the supporting stakeholders and flows that support and enhance your life, work and personal economy. 

As a living enterprise, you interact with a web of stakeholders to create, give and take the vital flows and resources that sustain, enrich and inspire you and help you create and share value for you and your business ecosystem.  With a clear sense of your core offering, identify and define the roles and relationships of people and organizations that contribute to your success and growth. 

Developing healthy, balanced, and reciprocal relationships with stakeholders in your life (e.g., partner, family, friends, community), work (e.g., clients, suppliers, colleagues) and personal economy (e.g., vendors, companies and industries in your investment portfolio,  organizations and causes that you support) is the key to creating long‐term sustainable value, restoring trust, equity and accountability and magnifying your impact through your life, work, investments, and contributions.

To meet the daunting challenges of our time, we must unleash the infinite wisdom, talent and creative energies that we were born to express as living, spiritual beings. 

Transformation starts with your commitment  to shed the shackles of a consumer, growth-based success model that frequently prevents you from reaching your fullest potential. This means being present as an authentic human being, being aware of, developing and sharing your unique talents in how you live and work, and reintegrating artistic expression, scientific and technological know‐how, with the passion, play, fun and joy that you felt as a child.

Once awakened, you’ll demand change. You’ll become a change agent within your own communities and spheres of influence.  You will seek out or create organizations that treat people as a whole beings, tap, recognize and cultivate your talents, and nurture and celebrate creativity, team‐building and collaboration wherever you can.

Life’s success principles are time-tested and proven to work.   They include both cultural and natural wisdom.

Cultural wisdom includes:

  • What you sow is what you reap
  • Visualization
  • Set, track and achieve vivid goals that matter to you
  • Attitude is crucial to genuine, enduring success 
  • Replace self‐defeating habits with life‐enhancing habits
  • Systems thinking
  • Financial literacy
  • Stakeholder accountability.


Natural wisdom includes:

  • Self‐organization
  • Selectivity (e.g., distinguish between food and poison)
  • Closing the loop to turn waste into wealth
  • Sustaining oneself while contributing to the broader ecosystem 
  • Balancing efficiency and diversity to ensure adaptability and resilience.

By learning, and applying and sharing life’s success principles you achieve what you desire while being supportive and in sync with the Earth’s life support systems and the aspirations and needs of today’s and future generations.

Community lies at the heart of healthy individuals and organizations. It is the essence of who we are and what we ultimately seek‐‐to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and really make a difference with our neighbors and our world.

Community is all about connections ‐- to ourselves and to each other. It reinforces a sense of belonging and a deep sharing of values, vision, purpose, talents and commitment. It is also about “place” and “interdependency” and our physical, financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual ties with people, places, events and organizations.

When you nurture community in your life, work and personal economy, you attract and radiate love, creative energy, abundance, good will, healing and connection. Community provides the conditions, support and means for finding and growing Your Niche in  a Just, Living Economy.

Our habits define most of our waking hours and even impact our sleep!  The key to reclaiming our lives and our future is shifting our habits from ones that are life-depleting to ones that are life-enhancing, one habit at a time.  Getting from where we are to our ideal niche – our zone of maximum well-being, effectiveness and influence, requires that we set specific, measurable goals and define habit shifts toward each goal, and track our progress.  

Use the Business Ecology Success Model as both a lens and a framework to define and track your progress toward finding and growing Your ideal Niche.  This includes identifying what goals matter most to you and adopting rituals and habits that support your progress and set you up for success everyday.

Are You Ready to Put These Shift Habits to Work for You?