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Make Shift Happen!™ ¬†Find & Own Your Niche in a Just, Living Economy

Make Shift Happen!™ is an integrated success training and coaching program for environmental leaders who want to lead the shift to a just, living economy. To reach your fullest potential, you need a success model, tools and resources to support your journey from where you are to your ideal niche – your zone of maximum well-being, effectiveness and influence. The MSH! Program meets this need by helping you apply the Business Ecology Success Model using online and in-person events, tools and resources to develop the inner and outer awareness, goals and habit shifts you need to find, develop and market your niche.

B.E. Success Model

Provides a systems lens and framework for growing life-enhancing enterprise. Learn More

Training & Coaching

Learn, apply and share the B.E. Success Model through group or one-on-one sessions.

Vision & Strategy

Target your time, talents, passions and purpose to serve people you were born to serve.

Communication & Marketing

Tell your story and give stakeholders the full picture of the value you bring to the world.