The Big Shift

From an Unsustainable, Life-Depleting Economy to a Just, Living Economy

Shifting Values, Perspectives and Behavior

Less of This.... More of This...
Unlimited Growth is Society's Central Goal Restoring, Sustaining and Enhancing Life is Society's Central Goal
Profit and Growth are Desired and Accepted End Points Profit and Growth Are a Means to Achieve Society's Higher Aspirations
Economy is Destructive and Out of Sync with Natural Systems Economy is Supportive and In Sync with Natural Systems
Maximize Shareholder Value Optimize Stakeholder Relationships to Maximize Sustainable Value
Money as Master: Enables and Reinforces the Debt-Growth-Consumption System Money as Servant: Exchange Medium Supporting Community, Democracy, and Genuine Wealth Creation of a Living Economy
Value Creation as Resource Intensive Mass Production Value Creation Via Knowledge, De-materialization and Eco-Sufficiency
Mechanistic Organizations Driven By Reductionist Thinking, Repetitive Action and Structure Living Organizations Using Systems Thinking, Learning and Intuition
"Too-Big-to-Fail" Predatory Transnational Organizations Multi-Scale Sustainable Organizations
Linear Production/Disposal of Waste Cyclical Systems/Resource Recovery/Conserve and Reuse
Fossil Energy Renewable Energy
Extraction/Exploitation Stewardship/Conservation
Competition Driven Balance of Competition, Cooperation and Collaboration
Market Push to the Consumer Market Pull to the Customer
Mass Produced/Large Inventories/Mass Consumption of Products Just-in-Time, Just-in-Place, Just-for-the Customer Service
Compartmentalized, Autocratic Decision-making Systemic, Collaborative Decision-Making
Rigid, Resistant to Change, and Fragile Systems and infrastructure Flexible, Adaptive and Robust Systems and Infrastructures
Independent, Top-Down Control and Hierarchy Interdependent, Multi-Level Particpation
Reactive, Closed Culture Anticipatory, Open Culture
Accountability to Shareholders, Especially Major Ones Accountability to Multiple Stakeholders
Limitless Resources/Wasteful Limited, Diminishing Resources
Near-Term Focus Broader Time Horizon (Past, Present and Future)
Environment as Resource Provider/Waste Receptor for Humans Human Economy as Subsystem of Planetary Life-Support System
Fearful, Greedy, Materialistic, Selfish, and Violent Culture Loving, Generous, Spiritual, Sharing and Peaceful Culture

Source:  Modified and Updated from Business Ecology:  Giving Your Organization the Natural Edge, 1998