How They Stand to Gain

How They Contribute Value


Services, Income, Healthier, More Valuable Land, Lower Cost, Privacy

Sustainable Land, Forests and Farms=Greater Ecological Services

Water Users

Secure Supply of Clean Water

Money for Water Services

Forest Industry

Sustainable Supply of Timber, Pulp & Wood Byproducts; More Customers

Assess, Harvest, Process and Sell Timber, Pulp & Wood Byproducts

Prettyboy Watershed Alliance

Engage Public in Resource Protection & Stewardship, Funding

Relationships with Private Landowners, Advocacy & Education

Chesapeake Bay Alliance

Replicable, Incentive-Based Model for Working Landscapes That Restore Watershed Ecosystems, Funding

Funding, Technical Support, Advocacy & Education



Contribute to Ecological Services and Ecosystem

Recreational Users (Hikers, Birders, Boaters, Fishing Community)

Recreational Space, Fun and Experience

Advocacy, Use Fees

Baltimore City

Secure, Low $, High Quality Water Supply

Manage Dam, Reservoir, Adjoining Forests, and Water Supply System

Baltimore County

TMDL, WIP Compliance, Healthy Forests

Manage Forests, Resource Assessment, Public Outreach,Training


Sustainable Forest, Healthy Watersheds, Bay Restoration/TMDL

Resource Assessment/Plans, Funding & Access to Tax Credits, Funding


Sustainable Farms, Nutrient Trading/Bay Restoration

Nutrient Management, Technical Assistance, Funding


TMDL, Bay Restoration, Clean Air & Water

TMDL/BMP Approval, Funding and Nutrient Trading

Find Your Niche LLC

Demonstrate Business Ecology Success Model

Framework for PRC Development & Comprehensive Success Profile- Help PRC define and market its niche and see and grow its business ecosystem.

Business/Legal Team

Education/Experience/Contribute to PRC Cause

Business Planning & Development